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Construction Engineer

Our Services

We give you a comprehensive estimate that’s easy to understand with an upgraded plan for success.


We know whose hand to shake. With years of experience in the field, our team has generated partnerships with the best contractors operating in the market. Diligent, heavily vetted, and with stellar reviews. We find trustworthy assets to bid on your project.

Volunteers on Construction Site


We create estimates based on facts, not dreams, let alone speculation. We have a constantly updated list of materials/services and their cost. 

Our analysis evolves not only with your vision but with the reality and requirements of your project.


We work with designers and architects. If you have a firm that creates a model and layout and need a company to estimate your client’s dream project, we’ll handle the case.


It’s important to negotiate and understand the difference between one contractor’s quote and another. We monitor and scrutinize appraisal and dig deep into the overhead costs you will inevitably have. Estimating actual labor hours, cost of materials, and supply chain. 


Did you know that most contractors use a template to give you an estimate? They don’t really take an in-depth look at your house nor at its specific requirements. They don’t calculate weather conditions, design errors, operational inefficiencies, delays in deliverables and dozens of other challenges that might occur.

House Construction
House Frames

Risk Plan

The one thing most estimates don’t take into account, and we personally excel at, is Risk Management Planning. Outlining a comprehensive plan that images all risks and challenges that might arise and giving you an idea of their mitigating effects and costs. This is important because it avoids surprise and allows you to strategies with foreknowledge.

Studies have demonstrated that the biggest leak in a project’s bottom line comes from contractors. Quotes for the same undertaking can vary by as much as $100. What one contractor estimate will cost $300K and other overshoots at $450K

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