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The assessment of the construction cost of a house at We Estimate!

Our team is dedicated to providing accurate estimates of the construction cost of a house. Whether you're an entrepreneur, architect, or homeowner, simply provide us with the details of your project. Within 24 hours, we'll send you a personalized quote, allowing you to plan your project with peace of mind.


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Detailed cost estimates

We provide homeowners with accurate and detailed estimates of the cost of building a home or any other project, helping them plan their budget effectively.

Financial planning

Our services include creating a financial plan, and giving homeowners a clear understanding of the expenses involved in their project.

Reliable contractor connections

We make it easy for homeowners to connect with reliable and trustworthy contractors, ensuring a smooth and successful construction process..

Peace of mind

With We Estimate, homeowners can walk through the process with clarity, from understanding costs to budget planning and selecting a contractor, all in one place.

Buying a House


Estimating the cost of building a house is a major asset!

We Estimate's mission is to simplify construction by providing homeowners, architects, and contractors with accurate estimates of the cost of building a home or any other project. We provide support throughout the process and facilitate the smooth coordination of contractors, allowing everyone to focus on their area of expertise for an optimal construction experience.

Bridging the Gap 


Our Values

Our value at GWE lies in seamlessly orchestrating the construction process, providing architects with precise estimates, guiding homeowners through worry-free projects, and connecting contractors for efficient collaboration. By allowing each stakeholder to leverage their expertise, we foster trust, reliability, and confidence, ensuring an unparalleled building experience for all.


« I recently engaged We Estimate Group for my construction project, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The level of accuracy and detail in their cost estimation was exceptional. It provided me with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of my project, helping me make informed decisions. The transparency offered by We Estimate Group was invaluable in ensuring no hidden costs or surprises down the line. Additionally, their contractor connection service helped me find reliable and competent professionals for my project. I highly recommend We Estimate Group to any homeowner seeking accurate cost estimation and connections with contractors for their construction projects. »

Katia P

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